Reclaim the Family, ilovemarriage.com is a professional organization that was formed by Michael and Danielle Ward designed to strengthen marriages through providing support and resources that educate, encourage and empower couples to walk victoriously in marriage.  They facilitate weekly meetings and training sessions to couples in the local church and community
setting in conjunction with a network of certified training coaches.

Michael and Danielle are certified Marriage Educators that have a wide range of expertise in relationship dynamics and coaching.  Prior to full-time certified marriage education Michael also serve currently as the Lead Chaplain at the third largest correctional facility in the United States.  His background covers positions in the healthcare and hospitality industries with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Ecolab and Toshiba.  He is a licensed minister that holds a Bachelor's Degree in the Social Sciences from the University of Houston and a Master's Degree in Theology from the Fuller Theological Seminary.

Danielle has served as a career Higher Education professional over the last fifteen years dedicated to training young people for future growth.  Her passion is to coordinate conferences and retreats that are designed to connect people to their purposes and callings in life.  She is professionally trained through the John Maxwell Training Institute.

Danielle holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication from Ohio University and a Master's Degree in Higher Education from Kent State University.

Long-lasting marriages, healthy families, and well-adjusted children don’'t just happen. Unfortunately, many have inherited or learned behaviors that can actually hinder us from reaching our goal of having a strong family and marriage. 
ILoveMarriage.com provides you with tried and true information that you can use.   Our services focus on the following areas:

                                        Engaged Couples
                                       Married Couples
                                       Blended Families

It is our pleasure to serve you as we partner with you for a brighter future.  Thank you.


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