Premarital Counseling

*  All clients must take the $35 Prepare-Enrich assessment before beginning any counseling. 

* The Holy Bible (NASB) is the primary source of our pieces of training.



5 sessions equaling 8 total hours - all in person 

-  (3) - 1 hour sessions-  

-  (2) - Saturday 2.5 hour sessions

-  State-mandated Certificate awarded at the end for a special discount of $60 off $72 marriage license fee at County       

   District Clerk office.

-  Certificate of Prepare-Enrich Certificate of Completion

-  Lifetime marital support in the walk of life from

-  Homework assignments shared before & assigned after each session

-  Couples Workbook provided for each person in pre-marital counseling.


4 sessions equaling 4 total hours - all sessions via video conferencing

                                              (Login instructions provided after payment)

-  (4) 1- 1-hour sessions via video on the computer

-  times are customized to conveniently fit work schedules

-  Prepare-Enrich Certificate of Completion

=  Fulfills requirement of premarital preparation/training.


Post Marriage Assessment & 6 month Review

This offering is for couples in their newlywed stage and they never went to premarital counseling.  So now they need to speak to someone to make sense of everything and save their marriage.  They take the assessment to identify their personality traits, spiritual status and marital understanding.  From there, they'll decide if counseling is needed.